2020- 2021 Membership Mixer Sponsorship Application

The Denton Chamber of Commerce recognizes that Membership Mixers continue to be rated among the highest perceived benefits in perception surveys. In an effort to improve the quality and effectiveness of these events, the Chamber requests that prospective sponsors complete the following application for review by the Events Committee.
The Membership Mixer is a Chamber of Commerce sanctioned event. Sponsorship offers shall be reviewed by appropriate Chamber of Commerce staff and volunteers. Events must meet minimum standards which are stated within event guidelines.
The business must be a Member of the Denton Chamber of Commerce and in good standing.
Membership Mixer Event Details
Mixers provide an exclusive sponsorship opportunity as one of the Chamber’s most popular events. With average attendance of approximately 150 business professionals, these after-hour networking events offer an excellent value and opportunity to showcase your business to a large audience, at your preferred location. The purpose of this event is to provide a productive after-hours format for networking in a relaxed atmosphere between current Chamber members and guests. To this end, nothing should be offered for cash sale.
Please select one. We will base our selection off of this date first.
Please select one. We will base our selection off of this date first.
Provide the address of the proposed venue:
Will the event be held indoors or outdoors?
Membership Mixer Host Sponsorship - $750.00
This exclusive opportunity includes: Corporate name and logo on the mixer invitation (both electronic and optional printed postcard); recognition from emcee during the event; approximately 5 minutes of speaking time to welcome guests during the brief program; optional postcard invitations (includes design, printing, and mailing); corporate recognition in event promotions and materials (via Chamber email distributions, newsletter, and web); opportunity to provide site tour to attendees; opportunity to distribute your advertising during the event; opportunity to provide door prizes for drawing.
I understand that, if selected, a sponsorship fee of $750.00 must be paid 60 DAYS prior to the event date. *
Would you like to add the post card mailing for an additional $500.00? *
The Chamber offers the option to have postcard-size invitations designed, printed, and mailed to all Chamber Member businesses and provides an additional instance of event notification and marketing opportunity that includes your logo and all relevant details about the event.
Due to the level of interest in Mixer sponsorships and the number of available Mixers, not all applicants will be selected to sponsor. However, there is the potential opportunity for those who are not selected to be considered for co-sponsorships. This decision will be at the sole discretion of the venue sponsor, not the Chamber's.
If your venue does not meet the minimum qualifications to host a Membership Mixer, would you like to be considered for co-sponsorship at an alternate venue? *
* If the sponsor needs to cancel the sponsorship, a written notice of cancellation must be received AT LEAST 6 MONTHS PRIOR to the event *
For additional information, contact either Shaina Thomas, Director of Events & Member Services (shaina@denton-chamber.org) or call the Denton Chamber of Commerce at (940) 382-9693.
Please type your name (First and Last) here to acknowledge that you have read carefully, fully understand, and agree to the requirements of sponsorship for the Membership Mixers. Please note that if you do not have adequate space to hold the Mixer at your facility, you are welcome to hold it at another venue that is a Chamber Member.
You will be contacted when and if a sponsorship is available for you.