2019-2020 Committees & Task Forces

We want you to be involved! Please provide your contact information and indicate your interest. Please note, some committees/task forces may fill up faster than others. You may not be asked to join your first choice.
The committees listed below are focused on long-term or ongoing activities.
Government Relations
Pursue standing review of applicable issues, provide information to the general membership, establish a concise avenue for surveys and feedback. Prepare proposed suitable positions at all levels of government, coordinate advocacy as needed. Coordinate events and initiatives to carry out open relations, i.e. candidate's questionnaire and forum, elected official's reception.
Chuck Carpenter Center and Building Improvement
Assemble the appropriate principals to not only complete key maintenance needs, but actively explore an efficient plan for redesign and retrofitting the existing chamber facilities, determine priorities. Determine appropriate budget and identify source of funds. Work to fund and implement naming of building after Chuck Carpenter, as presented.
Economic Development Investor Relations
Retain existing private investors, help promote new investors, pursue department independence financially, and help coordinate investor relations.
Programming & Promotions
Identify and secure guest speakers and subject matter experts for chamber programs and create promotions surrounding such programming
Plan and implement the Annual Membership Banquet and Casino Night Fundraiser.
The task forces listed below are focused on short-term or highly-focused goals.
Bylaws Review
Work with committee to update Chamber Bylaws to include technological advancements, etc.
Board of Directors Handbook
Create a document with necessary information and expectations for Board members.
Next Generation
Assemble the appropriate principals, based on the findings of the 2019 Leadership Denton Class Project to pursue an effective strategy for the profile and needs of the Next Generation of Chamber members. Propose appropriate organization/program accordingly.
Account Retention & Expansion
Work with staff and directly involve the board with standing account retention and expansion efforts as well as exploring member models.