Relationship renewed with the Texas Association of Business

December 11, 2017
Former Denton County Judge and current Chief Executive Officer of the Texas Association of Business (TAB), Jeff Moseley, was the featured speaker during the chamber’s December Membership Luncheon.

The Texas Association of Business is structurally similar to a local chamber, but, primarily functions as an advocate of state-level business issues.                                        
Judge Moseley headed the Denton County Commissioners Court from 1991-99.  He has headed the Governor’s Office of Economic Development & Tourism, and, served on the Texas Department of Transportation Commission.

Former Denton Mayor and past chamber Board Chair Mark Moseley introduced Judge Moseley.  Mark pointed out that state government is naturally a major industry in Denton.  He went on to say that addressing the needs and issues of the public and private sector in an effective and equitable manner presents an on-going challenge for the Denton Chamber board.

Consequently, the Denton Chamber had not renewed its TAB membership in several years.  Mark pointed out, “We’ve had our differences with the Texas Association of Business over certain issues.  We’ve determined, however, that with Jeff’s leadership, we now at least have an open mind, and, a place at the table at the state level.” 
Judge Moseley gave several examples where previous public-private partnerships had been productive and successful, at various levels.  He assured the audience that he will be open and sensitive the distinctive needs of Denton.
The Denton Chamber is a separate and independent organization, and membership in TAB and the U.S. Chamber are discretionary.  Any Denton Chamber advocacy or position is initiated by the local board of directors.
Chuck Carpenter, President
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