Leadership Class charged with Reimaging the Chamber

 The chamber’s 34th Class of Leadership Denton has convened.  Eleven women and nine men have committed to this nine-month series designed to help make interested area citizens better aware of opportunities for community service, as well as all levels of public office.
Although there are no recruitment quotas, this year’s class is a microcosm of Denton.  These 20 individuals represent traditional small business, Denton largest private employer, financial institutions, legal services, both universities, county and municipal government, environmental management and a couple of non-profit organizations.
To date, 578 individuals have graduated from Leadership Denton.  Since the first class graduated in 1986, the gender ratio has been 51 percent men, and women comprising 49 percent.
By April 2019, the current classs will have delved into the city and county governmental process, as well as an overnight trip to Austin to get a glimpse of how it works at the state level.   They’ll learn about opportunities to volunteer in community service and cultural arts organizations. 
As a requirement of graduation, every class must conduct a special, pre-assigned project.  The Class of 2019 has been tasked with reimagining the Denton Chamber, not only in terms of brick and mortar, but, also the dynamic generational changes are occurring in the workforce.
The project addressed two specific goals for the 2018-19 Program Year:  1) Repurpose the offices of the Denton Chamber 2) redefine the relevance of the Denton Chamber of Commerce to the next generation of potential members. 
The class findings and recommendations will be presented April 4, 2019, in conjunction with their graduation.  Please refer to the chamber’s web site for more information, www.denton-chamber.org.