Board represents diverse membership

October 23, 2017
As part of the annual nomination process, referral forms have been distributed electronically to the general membership via MailChimp requesting the names of up to six individuals who represent a Denton Chamber membership account in good standing.
The current board consists of 23 directors, endeavoring to represent the diversity of the Denton Chamber membership.  The official ballots will be distributed to the general membership in late November.
With over 750 members, the current chamber roles represent 27 different categories.  Various finance, healthcare, real estate and insurance firms presently make up the largest gross count of these sectors.
Five directors will be retiring from three-year terms March 31, 2018:   Layne Brewer, Gary Henderson, Jill Jester, Tom McCoy and Ellen Painter.  All are eligible for a second three-year term on the board.
Mark Burroughs and Carrell Ann Simmons are serving one-year appointments to the board.  Both are connected to Executive Committee titles, with Simmons serving as Treasurer and Burroughs heading the Government Relations Division.  Marty Rivers is also serving as a one-year appointment, representing the chamber on the joint Economic Development Partnership Board.
Amanda Oringderff, Pat Sherman and Sheryl English are filling un-expired terms on the chamber board.  Four of the past six appointments to fill un-expired director terms have been female.  English is the first African American female; she replaced Amanda Crocker.  Sherman filled the un-expired term after the untimely death of John Gilmer.  Oringderff replaced Mike Pope.
The next program year will begin April 1, 2018, with Erik Clark serving as Chair of the Board, the chamber’s top voluntary officer.

Chuck Carpenter, President
(940) 382-9693