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Online Adjunct Faculty- Teacher Education

North Central Texas College
Job Description
North Central Texas College is accepting applications for an Online Adjunct Faculty – Teacher Education; Remote; Part Time
This position carries with it the obligation to uphold the Mission of North Central Texas College in carrying out the duties of the position. A commitment while embracing positive interpersonal behaviors, professional communication, diversity, integrity, leadership, stewardship, respect and accountability to our students and employees.
It is the responsibility of the teaching faculty to provide learning activities and support that will lead to the achievement of course and program objectives and to contribute to the overall educational environment of the college and community and to provide related services such as academic advising, committee participation, professional development, community development as well as other service support that is needed in the fulfillment of the North Central Texas College’s Mission.
  • Master’s Degree in Education or Master’s degree and at least 18 graduate hours in education, higher education, and/or related field required.
  • Successful online instruction experience, mastery in varied LMS required.
  • Community College teaching experience preferred.
    Skills & Abilities:
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Above average computer skills.
  • Exhibition of respect and professionalism in a spirit of collegiality.
  • Microsoft Office proficient.
  • Ability to promote an effective environment for learning in lecture and lab experiences.
  • Ability to teach students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.
Duties include:
• Treats students and colleagues with respect.
• Active involvement in issues of institutional effectiveness including student learning outcomes, program level outcomes, and marketable skill achievement.
• Focuses teaching and outreach efforts on student success.

Responsibilities include:
Administrative Responsibilities
• Meets class as scheduled. 
• Follows departmental policy for class cancellations.
• Starts and ends class consistently on time.
• Maintains appropriate records of grades/attendance and submits required reports to the Division Chair and Registrar on time. 
• Posts online office hours and is available to students during that time.
• Makes an appropriate syllabus available to students and Division Chair in a timely manner.
• Is well organized and prepared for each class.

Instructional Responsibilities
• Maintains college level rigor and requires a high level of academic excellence from students.
• Uses an appropriate variety of instructional methods to enhance learning.
• Develops appropriate tests, projects and/or other evaluation activities for courses taught.
• Considers Student Course Evaluations in the improvement of instruction.
• Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with students.
• Provides appropriate feedback on student assignments.
• Encourages an atmosphere in which students may ask questions, offer opinions, and express ideas.

Institutional Responsibilities
• Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with colleagues and other college personnel.
• Participates in departmental meetings and activities.
• Participates in NCTC required trainings.

Professional Responsibilities
• Keeps abreast of developments in the subject area and in instructional techniques.
• Participates in professional development activities.
• Shares ideas and materials related to the teaching field and/or pedagogy with colleagues.
• Participates in Peer Classroom Observation Program.

Instruction Delivery
• Instructor must successfully deliver content online through NCTC’s LMS. This includes having equipment including internet, computer, webcam, scanner and/or other pertinent equipment for college personnel and/or student effective communication.
Special Instructions to Applicants:
  • Subject to criminal background check. 
  • Resume, Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae & Transcripts required in addition to application. 
  • Salary: $590/Semester Hour (3 semester hour course = $1,770)
  • Possible additional compensation for large class size.
    North Central Texas College (“NCTC”) is an equal opportunity employer. NCTC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, genetics, equal pay, or any other legally protected characteristic. NCTC prohibits harassment on the basis of a legally protected characteristic and/or retaliation for reporting a complaint.
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